The UN Commission of Inquiry’s recent report on crimes against humanity in North Korea has finally made clear the desperate need for change in that country. The UN is at last calling for accountability on the part of NK leaders. Since 2009, Kimjongilia has played a critical role in bringing the horrors of North Korea to people in pivotal positions in governments and human rights organizations around the world, notably the US State Department including Ambassador King and Samantha Power, members of the parliaments of the European Union and the United Kingdom, ministers in France, and numerous South Korean officials. The film, as well as individuals from it, contributed to the UN Special Rapporteur’s preparations for issuing the devastating UN report that is currently shaking up the world. We are proud to have helped influence this important step toward justice for the people of North Korea. 

The Madness Continues

Perhaps Mr. Rodman belongs in North Korea.  Sorry for the other guys who signed on.  Also, rumors circulating that Kim Kyong-Hui, Kim Jong Un's recently widowed aunt, may have died.  No rumors circulating, however, on mass releases of political prisoners, or sudden surge in food supplies.


The unforgettable Shin Dong Huk writes to Dennis Rodman:


The execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle has turned all eyes to North Korea yet again.  Speculation has gone wild.  Not since the kings of England have we seen such royal intrigue and bloodletting.  Communist kings!  Word in France is that Kim Jong Un's nephew, son of the bad boy first born, Kim Jong Nam, who was a studen at Science Po in le Havre, has gone underground, apprently fearing for his safety. 

Meanwhile a good friend who works closely with North Korean refugees, including several who are in the film, is sayng some very good news is coming tomorrow.  Read all about it in the press.  Maybe a super highly placed defector?  Can't wait!!!!


And again, as if it's news...

How many times are we going to see this exact same headline about the horror of the camps???  Kimjongilia makes the point that nuclear weapons should not be the main or only issue.  The human rights disaster must be the main issue in dealing with NK.


No amount of smiling cameradery with American basketball players can hide the regime's true nature.  Executing people in public is the way of tyranny.



There appears to be some real improvement in the human rights situation in North Korea.  David Hawk, expert on the camps, in his latest report says that the number of prisoners has certainly gone down.  Andrei Lankov, a NK expert who has visited many times and has some very close sources inside says,  "Nonetheless, such developments are clearly positive: things have moved from being disastrous to being merely very bad."Read his article here:

The ongoing story of the camps

Anyone who has not been in a coma for the last 4 years will know that there are prison camps in North Korea. The good news is the number of prisoners has gone down, and one or two camps may have closed. The bad news is that there are thousands of prisoners unaccounted who may have been killed or starved to death.

The ongoing story of the camps

Anyone who has not been in a coma for the last 4 years will know that there are prison camps in North Korea. The good news is the number of prisoners has gone down, and one or two camps may have closed. The bad news is that there are thousands of prisoners unaccounted who may have been killed or starved to death.

Luxury comes to NK

Who needs human rights when you have Chanel?  Check out this article:  a luxury mall in Pyongyang!

Strange Bedfellows

You'd think NK and Cuba would be best friends, but...

Beyond Belief

Here's a report that goes beyond what is already the outer limits of depravity in NK. There was a film a few years ago that showed experimental gas chambers in NK prison camps. That film seemed to disappear from view shortly after it first came out.  Now there is this report on experimenting on disabled children.  it is impossible to confirm, but...

Important article

Please read this very important article on the gulag in NK.

Book Club

There's quite a marvelous novel on your bookstore's shelves these days, called THE ORPHAN MASTER'S SON. It follows the life of a young man who starts out from the lowest position possible in NK society, that of an orphan, and is sent lower still to work in mines. He becomes adept at dealing with darkness, which will serve him well as his adventurous life unfolds. He gets out of the mines and rises to the top of NK society. There is a turning point when he decides, against the solid wall of totalitarianism, to think for himself. Harrowing accounts from real escapees illuminate life in NK, but this book also sheds light. It brings out emotions and imagines the interior lives of its citizens in a very absorbing and plausible way, while showing the near complete destruction of the soul that NK's complete control aims to achieve. It is unlikely that Kim Jong Un has yet read this book. His tastes run in another direction. The Washington Post reports that he handed out copies of Mein Kampf to his senior officials on the occasion of his last birthday.


China has closed one of North Korea's bank accounts! Woohoo!! A small sign that China is winding down its enabling of North Korea. Where will Kim Jong Un turn now?

Don't forget the reality inside

This article is saying exactly what needs to be said.

Hot Threats

Anyone care to make a prediction about where this insane war of words between NK and SK will lead?  Will some sort of skirmish break out?  NK has included Guam and Hawaii in its rain of fire threats, which also sometimes include sinking everyone to the bottom of the ocean.  SK President Park insists she will stand firm and retaliate to any provocation.    Or is this just the annual hate-fest that occurs when the US-SK hold their joint military exercises and things will quiet down?


Hallelujah!! From the NY Times: "Already angry over tougher sanctions imposed last week to punish its nuclear tests, North Korea faces renewed pressure over its human rights record as the United Nations Human Right Council meets Monday to consider calls for an international inquiry into possible crimes against humanity." NK commits crimes against humanity. There is hardly a doubt. The UN needs to state it loud and clear.

North South Relations

From a newsletter usually devoted to nuclear prolifieration and death camps, a sweet story:

"This brings us to a recent story published in The Global Post by Geoffrey Cain. In the article, Cain reports about a popular dating service in South Korea dedicated to matching South Korean men with North Korean women living in the south. The service, known as Nam Nam Buk Nyo, is run by a husband and wife team who practice what they preach.  Kim Eun-seo fled North Korea for China four years ago. She came to South Korea after hiding in China for a year.  Once there, she met her husband Hong Seung-woo, who is a native South Korean.  After successfully fixing up some of their friends with North Korean women, the couple started the business.  Since then they have successfully matched over 400 couples. Interestingly, only four of those matches ended in divorce.  That divorce rate is far lower than the 2.3% divorce rate for all of South Korea in 2011."  The writer Alex Melton goes on to muse about the reasons for the low divorce rate, some benign, some dark, but the story still feels happier than most."

NK Propaganda

Kimjongilia makes use of NK's own propaganda. We'd have thought they'd have improved their technique somewhat since the film. Apparently not, as seen in this video.